OR/CR Sangla: Using Your Car’s OR/CR To Fund Your Expenses

If you have a car or are planning to get a car in the Philippines, chances are you’re familiar with the Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR). But what exactly are they for? How do they play a role in applying for secured loans like OR/CR Sangla? 

What’s an Official Receipt (OR)?

  • Your Car’s OR is proof that you bought it.
  • This is given by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) when you register or renew your car.
  • It includes info like your car’s details and how much you paid.

What’s a Certificate of Registration (CR)?

  • Another document from the LTO that gives you all the technical info about your car, like the engine number and specs.
  • This proves that your car is legit.

Why Are They Important?

  • When you sell or transfer your car, people want to see these papers.
  • They prove that your car is legal and truly yours.
  • Bonus: In case you’ll need a financial boost, you can also pawn your car’s OR/CR, also known as OR/CR Sangla, to take out a loan.

Using your Car’s OR/CR to Get Cash

One reliable way to take out a loan or get a financial boost is through OR/CR Sangla, wherein you can submit your car’s OR/CR to take out a loan. The best example for this is through Car4Cash, where they’ll safekeep your OR/CR, without taking your car! This means you’ll be able to drive your car within the duration of your loan.

So, if ever you’re wondering how you should keep your car’s OR/CR, remember that they’re like your car’s birth certificates and receipts rolled into one. They prove your car is real, legal, and can even help you get cash when you need it. So keep them safe, and don’t lose them!

Want to leverage your car’s OR/CR for financial assistance? Learn more about Car4Cash here and make the most of your car’s value while keeping it by your side. 

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