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Frequently Asked Questions

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  1.  What changes will be implemented for Salary Advance (SALAD)?
    SALAD is now being managed by SB Finance (SBF), an affiliate of Security Bank Corporation (SBC) –
    engaged in the business of extending credit facilities to consumers, beginning October 2022. With this
    move, SALAD will now be called “eSALAD”.
  2. Who is SB Finance?
    SB Finance Company, Inc. (SBF) is an affiliate of Security Bank Corporation (SBC), engaged in the
    business of extending credit facilities to consumers in the mass market segment. SBF is backed by top
    major institutions in the fastest growing region – Philippines’ Security Bank, Japan’s MUFG, and
    Thailand’s Bank of Ayudyha.
  3. What is eSALAD?
    eSALAD is an end-to-end digital lending platform which provides easy-operation, safe, affordable, no
    collateral loan installment service that will support and help your financial needs.
  4. What is new with eSALAD?
    Please visit https://www.sbfinance.com.ph/esalad-loan/full-product-faqs-csl/ to know more about the full
    product features and FAQs.
  5. Can we still apply for CSL loan under SBC?
    No. CSL facility is no longer available in SBC. It is now being managed by SBF under a new product
    name called “eSALAD”.
  6. What will happen with our existing CSL loan under SBC?
    All active accounts (current with less than 30 days past due) as of migration cut-off date will be migrated
    to SBF. Existing payment arrangement still apply every cut off until your loan maturity. Upon full
    payment, you can re-avail the eSALAD under SBF.
  7. Do I need to enroll in eSALAD?
    No, if you have an existing SBC CSL payroll active loan as of October 20, 2022, we will automatically
    transfer your existing enrolment from SBC to SBF provided you have accepted the new Terms and
    Conditions of SBF.Else, you need to enroll in November 2022 via eSALAD online portal.
  8. How can I accept the new Terms and Conditions of eSALAD?
    o STEP 1: Visit https://esalad.sbfinance.com.ph/terms-csl/
    o STEP 2: Input the reference number sent to your enrolled mobile number
    o STEP 3: Input the last 5 digits of your payroll account number
    o STEP 4: Click “AGREE” on the new SBF Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
  9. After I accept the new Terms and Conditions of eSALAD, can I immediately apply for loan?
    No. SBF eSALAD will send you an SMS notification with approved credit limit and loan availment
    instructions as soon as you are qualified to avail the new eSALAD facility.
  10. How would I know if I am qualified for eSALAD?
    All existing clients that accepted the Terms and Conditions of SBF and have no outstanding CSL loan
    can avail eSALAD under SBF. An SMS notification shall be sent to client’s registered mobile number
    with instruction on how you can avail the loan.
    Note: Other SBF eligibility requirements shall apply.
  11. I have an existing CSL loan, can I immediately request for eSALAD loan under SBF?
    You need to finish your CSL loan before you can re-avail eSALAD. You will receive an SMS notification
    as soon as you can avail the new and improved eSALAD facility managed by SBF.
  12. Whom should I contact if I have other inquiries?
    For inquiries and concerns, contact SBF Customer Hotline at (+632) 8887-9188.

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