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eSalad Full Product FAQs

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  1. What is Employee Salary Advance (eSALAD)?

    eSALAD is a digital loan facility that allows borrowers to advance their next salary in the fastest and
    most convenient way possible. It comes in a digital and personalized customer journey – from
    enrollment, to availment, up to after-sales
  2. Who can avail?

    eSALAD is only available to employees whose companies are eSALAD-Accredited.
  3. Who is eligible to avail of eSALAD

    o At least 21 years old and must not be more than 60 years old upon loan maturity
    o An employee of eSALAD accredited companies
    o Filipino / Foreigners/Expats provided term of loan will be co-terminus with contract and/or
    period of visa’s validity
    o Regular employee with at least one (1) year employment tenure with current employer.
    o Must be within the required salary income
    o BPO: at least Php10,000 average Net Monthly Income (NMI)
    o Non BPO: at least Php7,000 average Net Monthly Income (NMI)
  4. How much can I avail in eSALAD?

    You can avail an amount of P10,000 up to P2 million in eSALAD. Maximum loanable amount offer
    depends on your payroll salary credits. SBC Payroll Client: will be given an assigned credit limit based
    on computed net average salary credits for the past 6 months. Important Note: Loans availments of
    P500,000 and above should requested thru SBF Zuki App (available soon).
  5. What does assigned credit limit mean?

    The assigned credit limit means the amount you can avail at any time in eSALAD
  6. Will the assigned credit limit vary from one employee to the other?

    Yes. Your assigned credit limit varies depending on the average net salary credited to your payroll
    account for the last 6 months.
  7. What are the available loan terms?

    You may specify the number of installments you want to repay the loan within a maximum of thirty-six
    (36) months (max loan term varies per accredited company). If you are a payroll account holder of SBC,
    your account will be debited for the amortization every payday, which would be twice (2x) in a month.
  8. How can I pay my loan amortization?

    Loan amortization will be automatically deducted to your SBC payroll account every due date.
  9. How do I know my payment due date?

    Your payment due date is based on your payroll cut-off dates, amortization will be automatically debited
    from your payroll account salary credits
  10. When will my first amortization start? When is my due date?

    Your first due date is the immediate payroll date after your availment. However, if you avail five (5) days
    before your payroll date, your first due date will be the succeeding payroll date.
  11. What are the fees and charges?

    Processing Fee P500.00 for less than 500K and P1,000.00 for 500k and above
    Late Payment Fee Payroll Client: 3% or 500.00 whichever is higher.
    Processing Fee for Pre-Payment/Pre-Termination of Loan 5% of total outstanding balance. Waived for resigned employees.
    Notarial Fee P300 for loans more than P500K (No NF)
    Documentary Stamps Php 1.50 for every Php 200.00, for loan exceeding Php 250,000.00
    Other Incidental Fees Case to case basis


  12. How do I register my mobile number for my eSALAD application?

    You must accurately indicate your personal “Active” mobile phone number during your application. Important Note: Sharing of mobile phone numbers is not allowed and any deviation/discrepancy on mobile number may cause delays in processing.
  13. How do I update my mobile number?

    Please call the SBF Customer Service Hotline at (+632) 8887-9188
  14. How do I avail of eSalary Advance once I am enrolled?

    For SBC Payroll Client:
    You may avail by texting the following syntax:
    ESALAD [space] AMOUNT [space] No. of Desired Deductions and send to 225657721Example:
    eSALAD 60000 12 (availment of 60,000 payable in 6 months loan term)
  15. How can I get my approved loan?

    For SBC Payroll Client:
    Your loan proceeds will be credited automatically to your payroll account and an SMS confirmation will
    be sent to your registered number upon successful credit.
  16. Will I be charged for my SMS requests?

    All SMS requests and confirmation with correct format are FREE for Globe and Smart. *applicable to SBC payroll client only
  17. How will I know if my SMS availment is approved?

    After sending an SMS availment request, you will receive a reply from 225657721 indicating approval of
    your request.
    *applicable to SBC payroll client only
  18. Were there any cases where SMS availments were disapproved

    Yes. SMS will be disapproved or rejected if:
    -Mobile number is not registered
    -SMS format is incorrect
    -Company agreement is terminated
    -Requested amount exceeded limit to the customer
    -Customer has an existing loan availment
    -With gap in Salary Credits within 6 months
    -Customer has resigned from the company
  19. I sent my SMS syntax request correctly but did not get any reply. What should I do?

    You may call SBF Customer Hotline at (+632) 8887-9188 for further assistance.
    Report the incident:
    -Keyword sent
    -Date of SMS
    -Time of SMS
    -Mobile Number
    -Or just simply provide the screenshot of the message
  20. What if I have 2 mobile numbers, can I use both to avail of eSALAD?

    No. Our eSALAD system will only link you to one (1) mobile number.
  21. What happens if my salary is insufficient to cover for my amortization

    If your salary is insufficient for the amortization amount, the payment will be considered “Missed”
    amortization. Unpaid amortization will be collected on the next payroll date on top of the amount due for
    the current cut-off PLUS an additional late payment charge.
  22. I missed my amortization last payroll; can I pay over the counter?

    Yes. You can make an over the counter (OTC) payment in any Security Bank Branch near you.
  23. Do I get a discount or a waiver of charges if I missed my loan payment?

    No. Our late payment charges are fixed.
  24. How will I know if I have missed payments?

    Our SBF Collections Team will coordinate with you via phone, SMS, Letter and E-mail or through your
    HR Representative.
  25. I paid 100% of my loan, when can I re-avail?

    Please allow three (3) banking days after your last payment due date before re-availing eSALAD.
  26. How can I re-avail?

    Re-availment process is similar to the process of your first availment.You can simply text:
    ESALAD [space] AMOUNT [space] No of Desired Deductions and send to 225657721
    ESALAD 60000 12 (availment of 60,000 payable in 6 months loan term)
  27. Where can I call if I want to ask further questions about eSalary Advance?

    You may call our SBF Customer Service Hotline at (+632) 8887-9188 for further assistance.
    Please ensure that you have the following details on hand:

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